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Need Your Palm Trees Pruned or Removed?

Eden Trees are your local, great value, fully qualified & insured tree removal company

South-east Queenslands beautiful sub tropical climate is ideal for growing Palm trees . You will often find them in gardens and around pools to create that tropical look and feel. Each species of palm tree has its own advantages and disadvantages, and often times owners of palms will lose their fondness of the species after realising it is messy and hard to maintain how they would like it. For messier species such as cocos palms the owners may find themselves opting for a palm tree removal service rather than maintain the effort required for upkeep.

Eden Trees are an established, family run tree removal company based in Logan. Our team provide palm tree removal and cleaning across the whole southern Brisbane region as well as the Gold Coast. We are pleased to provide both a friendly customer service based approach along with great value pricing and we believe this has been key to our long standing success in the tree removal industry.

Techniques for Removing Palm Trees

In many cases, the easiest, most cost effective and time effective way for an arborist to remove a palm tree is to use his roping skills and scale the tree using ropes, harness and tree climbing spikes. The worker can then make his way up the tree with a handsaw removing any fronds on the way up with his handsaw. When the arborist has reached the top of the palm a chainsaw is used to block down sections of the tree trunk that can be wasily man handled. The blocks are then thrown to the ground where they can be removed by the ground crew.

Throwing the palm tree pieces to the ground works fine for areas where there is no structures or vegetation below that can be damaged by the heavy falling palm trunks. If there is a concern for damage, the tree trunks can be lowered to the ground using ropes and pulleys with the assistance of the ground crew.


Palm Tree Cleaning

One of the main frustrations with palm trees is the fronds can be quite messy, either hanging off the tree dead or having fallen to the ground. Eden Trees arborists are experts in maintaining and cleaning palm tree fronds and are careful to leave the best appearance from any palm tree pruning and trimming we do. We focus on neat cutting and are very mindful not to damage the tree with our climbing spikes when we ascend the tree.

palm tree trimming

Using the pole saw to trim palm fronds

palm tree removal

Blocking down a palm with ropes for easy removal

Common Palm Tree Species

Below we have listed some of the more common species of palms that are seen around Brisbane and the South East Queensland region and provided some helpful insights around its uses, maintenance and removal.

Alexander “Alex” Palm (Archontophoenix alexandrae)

alexander palm

alexander palm tree

These are one of the most common and popular palms around as the are attractive and self cleaning. The seed pods needs to be trimmed off for maintenance.

Cocos Palm (Arecastrum romanzoffianum)

Cocos palm in Logan QLD

cocos palm – syragrus romanzoffiana

Nice looking when well maintained. Unfortunately as they grow tall most people other than Arborist can maintain them as they are not self cleaning. The sees pods are another issue that people often complain about. The actually attract the bats and it makes them sick. Not good.

Considered a weed so best to remove and replace with a easier to maintain palm.

Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens)

golden cane palm tree service

Golden Cane Palm – Dypsis lutescens

These are a great choice for lots of reason. Do not grow too tall, not spiky, most people can manage them. They can get away on you if you don’t maintain them and then an arborist is required to bring them back to order.

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Brisbane Tree Removal Costs

tree removal brisbane

Professional Arborist Phil Hackett preparing a tree removal quote

How Much does it Cost to Remove a Tree in Brisbane?

There is certainly a lot of things to learn when you are faced with the necessity of removing a large tree from your property. Unlike small scale trees, shrubs and other common garden vegetation that can be removed with hand operated pruning and trimming equipment, larger trees need both planning from an experienced arborist and a cooperative effort from a team of skilled, strong bodies arborists and machinery to ensure a safe and effective tree removal.

The sheer size and weight of tree limbs and branches creates potentially dangerous situations in the ‘drop zone’, and even a very small branch falling from a low height has the potential to damage properties, structures and of course are potentially fatal to pets or bystanders in the area. When choosing a tree removal company you really should check to see that they are fully insured, hold the appropriate arborist qualifications, correctly maintained equipment and an experienced crew. It might surprise you to know that not all tree lopping providers are required by law to maintain this standard, so do your due diligence thoroughly.

What Factors Affect Tree Removal Costs?

In this section we will discuss some of the most significant cost factors that make up your tree removal quote.

Staff – Climbing Arborists and ground crew

Tree Pruning Brisbane Arborist

Eden Trees Arborist setting up ropes for Tree Pruning

As we mentioned, a tree removal involves a technical collaboration between both tree climbers and a ground crew to cut a tree down safely. Tree felling is a technique rarely used because there is usually little space in urban areas to drop the tree. This means the arborists will normally use ropes and pulleys to ‘block down’ the tree piece by piece. Each piece of removed trunk or branch can then be lowered to the ground safely and under control. For a large tree there will be a crew of 3-4 bodies at a minimum. As these are skilled positions and very physically labour intensive, they are usually paid well and this is a significant cost factor.

Size of the Tree

Fairly straight forward and obvious. It really comes down to the bigger the tree, the longer it will take to dismantle and the amount of debris that has to be removed will increase drastically. The size of the tree will influence the cost through extra staff and man hours, equipment wear and green waste disposal.

Type of Tree

The species of the tree will influence the cost of removing it if the leftover tree green waste is not recyclable. This would mean the woodchips from this vegetation are not suitable to use as garden mulch or for area beautification. The result is the tree removal company will most likely need to pay to dispose of this waste and these costs will be passed onto the tree owner.

Access Considerations

For a tree located close to the roadway, at the front of the house in a residential street, the chances of having easy access for machines and tree workers is very good. On the other hand, if the tree is located around the back of the property, with no rear access, on a slope with a mountain of stairs in between, well you can bet this will increase the price of your quote. In the situation described, there may be a requirement for the tree to be chopped into manageable size pieces and manually carried to the street when they can be processed through a wood chipper. This would add many extra staff and a lot of extra time. Alternatively, the same job might require a crane large enough to lift the tree waste from the back to the front, and this could run you as much as 5-6K.

For waterfront properties, it is not uncommon to see a steep slope running towards the water way, making it extremely difficult for a tree crew to manually carry tree debris waste back up the hill. In these cases a barge would often be used to float the truck and the woodchipper to the water’s edge, making it much easier to remove the waste. This situation would decrease your manpower costs slightly, however will add the cost of the barge to your quote.

tree removal around powerlines

An arborist uses ropes to safely remove tree branches around powerlines. This can only be done in healthy trees.

Condition and health of the tree

For a tree climber to safely navigate and dismantle a tree with ropes, the limbs and branches need to be in sound in structure. This means free from disease and significant decay, giving solid anchor points for the ropes. In many cases, the reason trees are being cut down and removed is because they have died, have diseases and are dangerous. In this circumstance the arborists will need to use either a crane, cherry picker or other type of elevated work platform to safely access the trunk and branches with a chainsaw. The arborist will not be anchored off to the tree structure and no branches would generally be lowered by using the tree structure either. The cost of adding external work platforms varies greatly by type and size, but you can reasonably assume and minimum added cost of around $1000.

Tree Removal Cost Calculator

Eden Trees have decades of experience and hold some of the highest qualifications in the arboriculture industry. Our goal is to provide both value and a quality experience to all our clients and inline with this we have developed the tree removal cost calculator to really highlight our commitment to fair and consistent pricing.

Please be aware that the results you get from the calculator will be as accurate as the information you feed into it. There are also other factors that are difficult to program into a calculator so there may be some variation in the actual quote. The results from the calculator are not a final quote, but we have made it easy for you to forward on the results to us and we will usually visit your property the same day for a confirmatory quote.

Do I need a Tree Removal Permit?

The short answer is ‘You may’ and the long answer is that it is a difficult question to answer, as every Brisbane council (South East QLD) has their own variation of vegetation protection (VPO). To find out if you need approval to remove a tree, our suggestion is for you to give us a call and we give you immediate advice on the legislation relevant to your location and tree species.

How much is palm tree removal?

Palm trees are generally less expensive to remove as they are usually reasonably thin and not as difficult to block down. The real issue is with palm tree waste, as it does not serve as useful wood chip mulch due to its physical appearance and it is difficult to spread. This usually means palm tree waste will be disposed of via a different means i.e Council Waste Stations, potentially adding a little extra to the quote.

The species of the tree may also affect a palm tree removal quote. Cocos palms are an example of this as they are significantly harder and heavier than other palm species and this may add a little extra to your quote.

Are Tree removal Companies Licenced?

As we mentioned before, by law in australia a person does not actually need to be a ‘Certified Arborist’ to remove a tree nor does he need any other qualifications. Obviously this can create potentially dangerous situations where backyard ‘DIY’ers’ or ‘handymen’, could be performing dangerous tree removal practices either for themselves or for money.

When you hire a qualified professional arborist company you are getting someone who has studied tree species, biology, their structures, diseases and the many techniques involved in maintenance, disease management and removal. Professional Arborists would be covered by public liability and workers comp insurance. You can view all of Eden Trees current arboriculture, horticulture and insurance certificates by using the link.

Can I remove a Tree on a neighbours property?

This is a common question and an issue that often results in neighbourhood disputes. Since 2011 in Queensland the laws have been changed to allow you to prune or remove branches on a tree that overhangs your fence line by 50cm or more, and at a height of no more than 2.5 metres from the ground. There is no longer any requirement to return the removed branches to your neighbour.

In cases where the branches are more than 2.5 metres above the ground, you can ask the tree keeper (owner) to have them pruned or removed. If this has not been done after 30 days, you can either employ an arborist to have them removed or do it yourself. You can recover $300 of the cost to remove the branches from your neighbour. If a resolution still cannot be reached due to costs or other concerns, the matter can be brought before the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) and they will make a final ruling on the matter.

What does stump removal Cost?

Not as much as tree removal thats for sure. Whenever a tree is removed the stump will remain just above the ground level. The fastest and most economical way to remove an unwanted tree stump is by stump grinding. This service is offered by most tree removal companies and is facilitated using a stump grinding machine. This machine has a spinning wheel with teeth at the front that aggressively grinds the remaining tree stump into sawdust and leave the stump ground down below ground level.

Like most tree services, stump grinding costs will vary depending on the size of job, but generally speaking an average job would take 1-3 hours and cost in the vicinity of $150 – $600.

Tree Removal Brisbane Wide

We certainly hope this article has helped you better understand the considerations when pricing a tree removal quote, while at the same time assist you in making informed choices about selecting a qualified and insured arborist to complete the work.

If you need assistance or advice on anything relating to an upcoming tree project, grab the phone and call Phil anytime 0411 511 127. Friendly, obligation free quotes and advice is at the core of our culture and something we happily do everyday.

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Arborist Qualifications & Insurance Certificates

As we have mentioned in some of our other articles, not all tree loppers are trained and qualified in Arboriculture which potentially puts you at risk. On this page we display all of our training certificates as well as all the current insurance policies that a reputable tree removal company should have.

Certificate 5 Diploma of Arboriculture


Certificate 4 of Arboriculture


Certificate 3 of Arboriculture


Tree Risk Assessment Qualification – TRAQ


Public Liability Insurance Policy


Workers Compensation Policy


Professional Indemnity


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Tree Removal Experts Heritage Park

Need a Tree Removal Service in Heritage Park?

With so many tree removal companies in Heritage Park, how do you choose one that gives you the best services at a reasonable cost? Well, we can only speak for ourselves. Eden trees a leading local tree lopping company based in Logan Queensland, serving residents of Heritage Park and all the other neighbouring suburbs. Over the years, we have honed our craft to give you the best services at pocket-friendly prices.

Feel free to call us on 1300 EDEN TREES or drop us an email at

tree branch removal using roping techniques

tree branch removal using roping techniques

tree removal with cherry picker in heritage park QLD

Tree Removal using an EWP / cherry picker in Heritage Park QLD

Professional Tree Removal in Heritage Park QLD

Why do you need professional tree removal services?

When trees become old, damaged and diseased and they can be too far gone to revive. By getting rid of such trees, you’re able to improve the appearance of your property. Tree removal helps make room for your plans and projects; perhaps you want to construct a pool or any other structure. Removing trees occupying such spaces is the first step. Extreme weather and wild storms often bring trees down, and having tall, old trees around or near your property can pose an inherent danger to lives and property. By removing such trees well on time, you can help avert a disaster.

As a local tree lopping company, we’re best placed to handle all your tree removal needs in and around Heritage Park. Why? Because we can show up at a moment’s notice, plus our rates are pocket-friendly.

It’s worth mentioning that not all trees call for outright felling or removal. In some cases, a simple branch cutting or pruning can get the job done! Thus, feel free to call us for a free no obligation inspection. The inspection enables us to advise you on the best way forward. Why not, you could even send us a photo of the trees giving you sleepless nights; we’ll advise you accordingly.

Here’s what makes us stand out from other Tree Service providers:

 ✔ We have a team of professionals who know how to execute all tree services with clockwork precision.
✔  We offer tree inspections at no cost. It’s always our pleasure to visit you and discuss the best course of action
✔  Our services are efficient and affordable
✔  We offer same day and emergency tree services 24/7

Arborist Services we offer

Tree pruning– Pruning entails the cutting away of weak and dead branches. This leaves the tree healthy and strong. Overly, this helps enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of your home.

Stump grinding – the stump could be a few feet high, or even waist high. Whatever the case, tree stumps are both an eyesore and an inconvenience. Our stump grinding services enable you to get rid of that stump with ease and efficiency. We have the necessary equipment to uproot such stumps from the base and then chop them down into small manageable sizes. The good thing about uprooting the stump is that you can fill up the hole with soil to conceal all traces. Alternatively, you can even plant another tree or plant in the same hole.

Tree trimming – while tree pruning gets rid of dead, sick or unneeded stems and branches, trimming is a different case all the same. Tree trimming involves cutting away only the tips and edges to create a more desirable appearance. It gives a neater and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Tree mulching – When a tree is felled, the logs are often cut into smaller pieces of timber and firewood. However, green waste and sawdust are best used in making wood chips. These chips can be used as mulch for your garden during hot, summer days.

Get in touch for a free no obligation quote on the phone; feel free to contact us for all your tree removal needs in Heritage Park. We guarantee you of total satisfaction, pocket-friendly rates, and solid courtesy in the line of duty.

Give us a call today on 1300 EDEN TREES for all your tree lopping needs in Logan, and all the surrounding areas. We are the real tree removal pros; you can never go wrong with us.

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Tree Removal ExpertsLogan Central

Need a Tree Removal Service in Logan Central?

For over 20 years, Eden Trees Arboriculture Services staff have been been involved in all types of tree removal operations around Logan and the entire south east queensland region. We love the tree industry and have arboriculture in our blood. Watch our video below to see our full story.

We believe  our long standing success is has been due to our commitment to fair and consistent pricing combined with our fast and friendly customer service. People are often surprised when we have a complete detailed quote back to them, often in minutes after they have call. We are happy to answer calls or emails everyday to give free advice on any of the tree services we offer including Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Waste Chipping, Stump Grinding, Arborist Reports, Palm Removal And Cleaning, Tree Inspection, Tree Planting, and so much more.

As a resident of Logan Central and the immediate suburbs, we are your professional and reliable partner for all your tree surgery needs. Call Phil today and have that palm tree trimmed or removed and the rubbish disposed of efficiently; of course at a very fair price!

Feel free to call us on 1300 EDEN TREES or drop us an email at

Tree removal using a wood chipper 

Disposing of tree waste using a wood chipper

Tree lopping to remove dead branches 

Tree lopping to remove dead branches


Professional Arborists in Logan Central

Never stress yourself wondering which is the best tree removal company near me; we’re only a phone call away. We’ve worked with many home and business owners and can confidently say that one of the best tree removal companies in QLD.

There are four things you expect from our tree lopping services:

1. We’re prompt and always keep time. Central and South Queensland are always prone to storms and heavy downpours at certain times of the year. As such, we always treat your calls with the urgency and dedication they deserve. Our emergency tree removal services include tree cutting, and we can cut and clear those old, dangerous trees that are a disaster in waiting. We also clear-up fallen trees and hedges after a storm.

2. As a fully insured and accredited tree lopping company in Australia, we adhere to the highest professional standards. Our tree loppers are expert climbers who can scale the tallest tree around. We strive to minimize any material losses or otherwise, whether it is the power lines above, your roof, and other structures within your property. We’re one of the best tree removal companies in Brisbane when it comes to professionalism and efficiency.

3. Our tree removal services are not just limited to felling and chopping trees. We also offer tree management services like arborist reports. You got sick or injured trees in your garden that require expert attention? Our tree removal arborists are as passionate as they are experienced in these matters. Some of the most popular trees in Queensland include Bottle Tree, Silky Oak, Bunya Pine, Bowen Mango, Umbrella Tree, Foztail Palm, and many more. Among these, the Logan City Council has designated some as native species, others as endangered species, invasive species, and so on. You may not be sufficiently acquainted with this information, which is where our professional tree arborists come in. They’re friendly and courteous; they’ll carry out a thorough tree inspection before giving you an arborist report.

4. At a time when the entire world is moving towards a green future, we’re pleased to inform you that our services are eco-friendly. Nothing goes to waste during our tree removal services.  Our wood chip mulch will come in handy in late November to late March, which are some of the hottest months in Brisbane. The mulch helps reduce water loss on your plants during this time. Feel free to send us photographs of your proposed tree removal work, and we’ll give you an estimate over the phone; or if it’s convenient with you, we can arrange a site visit for closer inspection. All in all, we’re the real pros of tree removal in Logan Central and the larger Queensland. We’d love to hear from you

Give us a call today on 1300 EDEN TREES for all your tree lopping needs in Logan, and all the surrounding areas. We are the real tree removal pros; you can never go wrong with us.


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Tree Removal ExpertsEdens Landing

Need a Tree Removed in Edens Landing?

With different tree types serenading your home or business, you get to enjoy a host of ecological and aesthetic benefits. Conversely, you become susceptible to numerous risks that are not limited to tree accidents, diseases, allergies, bird noises and general landscaping challenges. Eden Trees offers professional tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and tree trimming among other related services in Edens Landing.

Feel free to call us on 1300 EDEN TREES or drop us an email at

Tree removal company in Edens Landing QLD

Climbing Arborist removing tree branches

Turning tree waste into wood chip mulch for recycling

Turning tree waste into wood chip mulch for recycling

Professional Arborists in Edens Landing

1)   Tree Removal and Vegetation Clearing:

The risks associated with cutting large trees are not limited to you, but to your family, property and community. As professional arborists with over 30 years’ experience in tree cutting, we have the right equipment, liability insurance and permits to ease you tree lopping experience.

As a land owner it is important to know whether your property is set within the entitlement area. Any vegetation that’s 10 meters away from your compound can’t be trimmed or cleared without a government permit. Our very experienced arborists will advice you on this and more.

2)   Tree Pruning:

apart from the regular pruning, we also conduct a thorough inspection of your tree. We’ll then provide an arborist report that contains details about the state and condition of your tree. We’ll advice you accordingly on the best tree pruning frequency for each plant. Our Arborists have an AQF level 3 and above approval which is a top tier standard requirement to conduct tree pruning services in Australia. We follow and adhere to the environmental rules and regulations in Queensland.

3)   Stump Grinding:

Tree removal doesn’t end with cutting down your tree; you have to remove the stump to get your ground ready for leveling. Our experienced grinders and latest stump grinding machines can help you manage both small and large tree stumps, with minimal time waste.

4)   Strata Tree Removal Services

Tree planning, inspection and management are better off in the hands of our qualified Grade 3 arborists who besides having 30+ years experience, are covered by public liability insurance. Having dealt with strata property managers, we understand the importance of meeting safety and noise reduction standards when conducting tree removal exercises. That is why we have a good number of tree climbers trained to address all your tree removal queries. We are not just another tree removal company, ours is a professional and comprehensive tree removal company whose services include;

·        Palm trees removal,

·        Stump removal,

·        Tree pruning

·        Tree trimming

·        Site cleaning after tree removal

·        Tree removal arborists reports for  our client sand,

·        Free delivery of Wood chips from the cut tree

Benefits of Using Eden Trees Arboriculture Services

– Having on site arborist services comes with a lot of advantages.

– First and foremost, arborists help you draft an inspection report.

–  The inspection report details why you want a certain tree removed from your premise.

– An arborist report also comes in handy when you want to know the condition of your trees, which ones are sick, which one requires regular pruning, and so on.

All native trees are protected by the Australian government and an inspection report puts you on right side of the law. Eden Trees arborists have certificate II and III in horticulture plus a compensation insurance cover that qualifies them to do tree climbing or doing tree removal supervision services.

Palm Tree Cleaning and Removal

Palm trees are beautiful but can cause a terrible mess when left unmanaged. Their spiky trunk makes it difficult to cut them down. This isn’t a problem for Eden Trees, we’ve have been cutting palm trees for more than 35 years. From our experience, palm trees leaves are best cut with a hand saw rather than a power saw.

Give us a call today on 1300 EDEN TREES for all your tree lopping needs in Edens Landing and all the surrounding areas. We are the real tree removal pros; you can never go wrong with us.

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Tree Removal in Logan QLD – Phil: 07 5547 0934

Need professional tree removal in Logan QLD? For super-fast quotes and great value call 07 5547 0934 or visit and speak with Phil Hackett directly.

Eden Trees are experienced locals and have been providing tree services around Logan and the greater Brisbane region for over 2 decades. With certifications in both Arboriculture and Horticulture we not only provide tree removal services, but can also give advice on how to maintain healthy trees, plant the right species in the right environment and how to manage tree diseases.

As Arborists we offer the full range of tree services including Tree pruning, trimming and lopping, stump grinding, tree inspections & Arborist reports, wood chip mulch sales, firewood supply, tree planting and regeneration and 24-hour emergency tree service. Our clients are broad, right through from domestic / residential tree services right up to government level clients including schools and infrastructure projects, emergency storm clean up and assistance, land clearing for developments and roads, roads and highways tree clearing maintenance and golf course tree maintenance. We also team up with strata managers for regular tree maintenance schedules.

A bit more about us:

Our company owner Phil Hackett has a diploma in arboriculture and is a certificate 5 consulting arborist. Phil has a love a passion for his work as a tree professional and is an avid gardener. Phil has a long spanning career in the tree industry having worked for many years with the city of Brisbane council as an arborist as well as the private sector. We are proud to provide tree removal services in Logan and enjoy contributing to the community. We believe that trees provide good benefit to everyone, including shade, shelter, clean air and of course natural beauty.

Our vision is to see Australia flourish with trees. Through education and best tree care practice we work towards this goal one property owner at a time. To care for people’s trees and see them kept healthy, strong and safe.

Please call anytime for free advice or recommendations on any tree projects you have in mind. We also provide extremely fast quoting and aim to get you an accurate tree removal quotes within minutes after your call. Call Phil Hackett Directly on: 0411 511 127