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Eden Trees offer professional tree lopping services across the Logan region. We are a local family run company offering Tree removal, tree trimming, land clearance, stump grinding, arborist reports, free wood chip mulch, firewood supplies; all these and more are just some of the services we offer.  Our arborists are qualified professionals, not just a bunch of guys with a chainsaw and fancy overalls. Our tree services are accessible to all residents of Logan Village 24/7.

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Tree waste removal

Removing tree waste using power equipment

Palm Tree removal in Logan Village

Arborist removing a palm tree using tree climbing techniques



Logan Arborists

Do you require a tree removal approval from the Logan City council?

This is a very common question and one that we come across often. Yes, you may need approval before removing some protected tree species, however, this fact should not to deter you from clearing a hazardous tree. We are more than happy to give free advice and assistance when applying to remove a tree through Logan city council, so feel free to call Phil anytime on 0411 511 127.

We conduct all tree removal and pruning operations inline with australian standard 4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amentity Trees. You can find out all the information you need to know about tree laws and vegetation management in Logan City Council region by using the resources below:

Vegetation Management Fact Sheet

Tree Management Policy

What equipment do we bring use for tree removal?

Tree lopping is an inherently complex and dangerous task, and there’s a lot that could easily go wrong. We have advanced tools and equipment needed for all your tree removal needs, from winches to chainsaws, power saws, specialized trucks, stump grinders, branch cutting tools, and many more. We equip our arborists and climbers with all the tools they require to get the job done safely, professionally, and within the shortest time possible.

What reasons may necessitate tree removal?

We understand how dearly most homeowners treasure their trees. Trees are the ultimate jewels that crown the aesthetic value of your property. However, tree trimming and tree pruning aren’t always the answer; there are times that total tree removal is the only solution. Perhaps you need to develop a block of land, the tree could be an old and dying, borer infestation, or even a bushfire hazard, etc. Numerous scenarios may warrant tree removal within your property. Whatever the case, you can always count on us to safely and professionally remove all trees. Don’t be concerned about the tree’s height or tricky location, we’ve handled more delicate situations before!

Our experienced crew will evaluate the situation and consider the best way forward. Our expert climbers can scale the tallest trees in your property, at times we cut and chop off the branches before felling the tree; this gives us more control towards determining the direction we want the tree to fall.

Tree services in Logan Village you can count on

As a local company, we bask in the guarantee that our services are both professional and affordable. Talk to us for all your tree lopping emergency needs, tree inspections, stump grinding, tree planting, branch cutting, and much more. It all starts with a single phone call, speak to Phil Hackett directly, and let us know the job at hand. No hidden costs, no inflated quotations, no fake promises; our joy is in leaving you pleased and satisfied with our services and pricing. We help you make an informed decision, a genuine caring partner for all your tree and landscaping needs.

Do you have any queries or questions regarding our tree removal services? You’re most welcome to speak to us anytime on 1300 EDEN TREES or 0411 511 127. We don’t charge a cleanup fee nor do we charge for inspections of the task at hand. You only pay once we’ve done the job and you’re satisfied with our services. Eden Trees, we’re the premier tree services company in Logan Village and the surrounding areas.

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Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Brisbane

In Arboriculture, we study everything to do with vegetaion management including identifying plant species, identifying and managing diseases, understanding what species will work best in certain environments as well as practical skills such as tree climbing and working at heights.

Part of maintaining healthy trees is having regular tree inspections and removing any disease or rot that may be leading to poor health or undermining the structural integrity of the tree. this is where Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning knowledge and know how become an effective tool in an arborists toolbelt. Knowing when and how to prune trees effectively can help shape the way it grows as well as making it neater, stronger and more beautiful.

The team at Eden Trees Arboriculture Services have decades of experience with both Arboriculture and Horticulture, giving us a unique knowledge of vegetation which puts us in a position to not only offer the best tree pruning advice in Brisbane, but also carry out safe and professional tree trimming, inline with local vegetation management policies. We are available anytime for chat about your upcoming tree managment projects on 1300 EDEN TREES

Tree Pruning Brisbane Arborist

Eden Trees Arborist setting up ropes for Tree Pruning

Tree trimming with Pole saw

Arborist Tree trimming with Pole saw

What benefits will I get from using a certified tree trimming company?

  • Reduce the risks cause by weak overhanging branches
  • Improve the view from your home where tree pruning can be carried out inline with Australian standards 4373-2007
  • Clear obstructions from buildings, improve vehicle access and improve pedestrian safety through crown reduction or canopy raising
  • Clean up loose, broken dead or diseased branches to reduce risk below
  • Allow more light and air movement through thinning out the tree canopy
  • Assist the tree to grow in the most ideal direction for your property and its health through strategic tree pruning
  • Removing dead or diseased branch will help stop debris clogging your gutters

It can be difficult to write an article on tree pruning guidelines when just about every council around brisbane has their own specific vegetation management policies. Along with this many of the council websites are very vague on the requirements for tree trimming without permits and often suggest that your local council should be contacted for more information.

As a general guideline though, if you need to trim or prune trees that are protected by your local council you can remove up to 20% of the canopy without needing to apply for a permit to alter vegetation. If you follow the rule of the “DDD”, Dead, Dying or Diseased, these are generally good genuine reasons trimming and removing tree branches. All work carried out by Eden Trees Arboriculture Services is also inline Australian Standard AS4373-2007, which covers all the guidelines for pruning of amenity trees.

To get the desired results from tree pruning, all the work should be undertaken by certified arborists. Not only does the arborists experience put them in a position to reduce the physical risk but they also understand a trees anatomy in a way where they can carry out all tree trimming inline with the optimal health outlook for the tree.

The team at Eden Trees Arboriculture Services can give you great advice and carry out tree pruning anywhere across Brisbane. We use our in-depth knowledge and understanding of a trees anatomy to prune trees inline with any of these goals:

– Removing over extended or weak branches, thus reducing the risk to people or structures below
– Improving the aesthetic appeal of the tree
– Prolonging a trees lifespan by shaping and stengthening its structure
– Eliminating electrical hazards by providing clearance from powerlines
– Lowering the trees susceptability to storm damage

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Eden Trees Arboriculture Services
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Eden Trees Arboriculture Services

Loganholme’s Tree Removal Experts

Are you a resident of Loganholme and looking for professional, prompt and efficient tree removal services? Eden Trees Arboricultural Services is your one stop solution to all your tree lopping related tasks. Our strengths are being able to provide all our tree services at very competitive rates, while at the same time using a highly skilled and qualified team. Our 20+ years in the game has allowed us to aquire all the tools and equipment needed to handle any scale of tree removal operations both domestic and commercial.

We also like to think our customer service is second to none, and we are very happy to give you free advice on your upcoming tree maintenance jobs by phone or email.

Tree Loppers pruning a tree branch using ropes

Tree Loppers pruning a tree branch using ropes

Climbing arborist lowering a tree branch around power lines

Climbing arborist lowering a tree branch around power lines

1.   Tree Stump Removal– for those who have always wanted to get rid of that old annoying tree stump in their backyard, then Eden Trees is your go to company. We have the necessary equipment to get the job done no matter how big that old tree stump is. With one simple phone call, you will have your backyard looking awesome, just the way you want it.

2.   Tree Pruning– Does that tree or shrub in your front yard stick out like a sore thumb? Have numerous past attempts at do-it-yourself failed to resolve that tree related nuisance? Don’t break some sweat, we offer professional and affordable tree pruning services to residents of Loganholme. We’ve been doing this for the last 35 years and continue getting better at it. We can prune all tree species and leave them looking neat and tidy.

3.   Tree lopping– If the tree branches along your drive way, front yard or backyard make it hard to keep it clear of dead leaves and twigs, tree lopping services will come in handy for you. Eden Trees will sort out this problem for you, call us on 0411 511 127.

4.   Tree Cutting– we understand that some home owners want the trees felled cut down into smaller pieces for timber or firewood. Our tree cutting services include chopping down such trees into smaller, manageable pieces. We also ensure that we cleanup afterwards, no debris or leaves left littering your yard. Needless to say, our crews always put safety first when cutting down trees in your home or commercial premises.Our tree inspections and arborist reports will guide the entire process; they allow us to come up with the best way to carry out the tree lopping and branch removal.

5.   Tree Planting/Regeneration– Eden Trees will help you acquire the seedlings that you need, provide you with the equipment you need for the tree planting exercise and even provide wood  chip mulch to give the seedlings you plant the best chance at thriving.

Eden Trees is your reliable partner for all your tree removal tasks in Loganholme. As a family run business that was established 35 years ago, we have an intimate knowledge of Loganholme and other areas around Queensland.   Call us anytime, any day including on weekends and public holidays.

With Eden Trees, you can always expect:

Fast services– no lengthy waiting periods, no fake promises, no excuses. We always strive to dispatch our tree surgeons in the shortest time possible. We don’t spend a minute longer than necessary at your premises; ours is to get the job done fast and leave you satisfied.

Professional services– our crew includes registered arborists who carry out on-site inspections and in the arborist report, outline the guidelines followed in all our jobs

Reliable services– we have served many clients around Loganholme numerous other towns within Queensland. Our skills and expertise are well known, tried and tested over time.

In this day and age of technology, we can use the latest Google maps and data to locate you and advice you accordingly on the best way forward. Our services are as reliable as they are affordable, kindly speak to Ben and explain to him your tree removal needs. He’s a polite and courteous chap who’s in charge of the team at Eden. We adhere to all the safety and environmental regulations when serving you.

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Eden Trees Arboriculture Services
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Our goal is to provide tree inspections that give you great advice about your trees!

People contact us needing an arborist report for a bunch of different reasons. More often than not, clients are needing to have a tree removed for development applications, or the tree has a disease that attacks its structural integrity. Tree Inspection Reports will give you all the information you need to understand the health status of your tree and submit formal documentation to your local council.

Cert 5 Consulting Arborist Philip Hackett has been actively studying and working in various roles in the Arboriculture industry since 2012. Having worked as an Arborist for Brisbane City Council he is also an active qualified member of Queensland Arboriculture Association, of which he regularly attends training workshops and refresher courses.


Aboricultural Impact Report
When applying to removes trees for a development your local council will require a report showing the impact it will have on local wildlife

Database for Investors
Through annual tree inspection programs you can ensure investors are kept up to date with business risk relating to trees

Update Mortguage or Insurance Polices
Some homeowners or business owners may need to assess what risk surrounding trees may have to their properties and infrastructure. The information from a tree inspection can then be used to adjust and update policies as required.

Tree Preservation Order
This may be issued by your local council as the tree is considered to contribute the health and well being of all council residents. Some people may wish to have this order overturned if the tree becomes to large or dangerous.


  • Written and Photographic evidence of all anomolies that effect the strucural integrity of the tree
  • Any health problems such as disease or pests
  • The type and species of the tree
  • Documented evidence and any conclusions drawn from the same
  • Arborist recommendations for keeping or removing the tree


  • Tree Condition Report
  • Tree Risk Assessment
  • Arboricultural Management Report
  • Pre-Purchase Report
  • Tree Valuation Report
  • Tree Health Care
  • Onsite Consultancy / Advice
  • Tree Protection Plans

Here Are Our Current Arboriculture Qualifications:

  • AQF Level 5 Arborist
  • AQF Level 4 Trade Qualified Arborist
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
  • 3 years experience as a Municipal Arborist
  • 5 years experience as a Consulting Arborist
  • Overhead electrical Awareness

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Eden Trees Arboriculture Services
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Tree Services

Having some of the most diverse experiences in the tree industry, our professional Arborists have paved long careers both as local government arboriculture coordinators, to Domestic and Commercial tree removal operations of all scale and nature. Read on to see why Eden trees has become one of the preferred tree service providers throughout south east Queensland.

We have come to realise that there are 3 things that people really look for when hiring arborists to remove trees. These are:

  • Great prices
  • Genuine expert advice
  • Risk free / peace of mind

Our experiences have been able to guide us to the unique position where we are able to provide all 3 at the highest level and customers rarely see the need to go elsewhere after receiving a tree removal quote from us. Decades of experience and knowledge safely cutting down trees, decades of acquiring tools and machinery and full public liability insurance put us far ahead of our competition.

Our Professional Tree Services

We provide the following arborist services across Logan, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Complete Tree Removal –Cutting down trees, breaking them up and completely removing all the tree waste from your site.

Tree stump removal – Our state of the art stump grinding machine is the fastest way to get a tree stump removed and cost effective

Tree Pruning – Sometimes referred to as tree lopping, this usually involves removal of dead or dangerous branches from a normally healthy tree.

Tree Maintenance – We often work with strata managers and other entities to provide regular tree trimming schedules

Emergency Tree Service- storms and heavy wind conditions can often cause damage and destruction to vegetation. Eden Trees are on call 24/7 to assist with any type of emergency situation where removing or making trees safe is required.

Firewood Sales – Our large scale tree removal operations generate large amounts of timber that we can chop for firewood and leave to dry. Contact us about our firewood delivery service

Woodchip Mulch – Need a load of wood chip? Call us about a load of the same

Arborist Reports & Tree inspection – Local councils will usually require an arborist report before removing tree for developments or other reasons

Tree Planting – we also plant tree to regenerate landscapes where we have needed to carry out tree removal

Land Clearing – Large scale clearing of trees for developments, roads and other industry

Sounds like something you need? Call Eden Trees anytime for help with all your arboriculture needs. 1300 EDEN TREES

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Eden Trees Arboriculture Services
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Eden Tree Service

How to Find an Affordable Tree Removal Service

Keeping the deepest faith in the fact that trees and plants are inseparable parts of the animal kingdom, people often find it necessary to remove the trees from around their home. These situations are almost unavoidable, and they often compel the homeowners to take an unpleasant decision which is certainly in favor of cutting down the trees. Getting rid of a dead tree or removal of a tree that creates hindrance in carrying out the construction or renovation of the house are some of these compelling situations that make people decide in favor of taking such a decision.


If you are standing on the verge of taking such a decision, then you need to be very careful about no to do it yourself as the task is very technical and it requires the services of expert tree removal companies. If you are resident of Brisbane, then you can avail the services of many such companies. However, you must try to get a company that offers services of affordable tree removal Brisbane. Following ways can help you to find such services of affordable tree removal In Brisbane:

  • Make a thorough market research paying special attention towards the charges that the companies have been charging for. Make a list of the companies that seem to have minimum charges.
  • Get online/ offline quotes from the companies that offer services for affordable tree removal in Brisbane. Compare the quotes, and then decide carefully which company to hire for the service. However, you should try not to sacrifice quality over pricing.
  • Get the support at the leading online forums and other communities where many customers of these services exist. You can share their experiences about these services. Join those forums and communities, and then get the right input from the participants there. These inputs can help you to get the right service provider with affordable tree removal in Brisbane.

These are some of the ways you can reach the companies in Brisbane that offer reliable services for tree cutting, tree lopping, and tree removal. Obviously, you can these ways whenever you look for the best companies for tree removal in Brisbane.

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