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Need a Tree Removed in South Brisbane?

For the past 2 decades, Eden Trees Arboriculture Services has has set the standard in terms of safety, attention to detail, customer service and fantastic value for money tree services. With some of the most competitive prices in the tree removal industry and providing all our customers with free advice and assistance over the phone everyday, its not hard to see why we are one of the most respected tree removal companies in southern Brisbane.


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tree removal in Southside Brisbane

Removing tree branches in South Brisbane

Pro Trade Service Award winners

Our clients have thought highly enough of us that in 2019 we won the Protrade service award which recognises businesses for exemplary customer experience.


Southside Tree Removal Services

Over the years we have heard so many stories of from people who have been injured trying to conduct their own tree removal projects. When it comes to trees, often there are no second chances. Many folks will under estimate the weight, even in what may seem like small branches of a tree and a branch does not have to be very big at all to be destructive. Climbing arborists spend years learning how to safely dismantle a tree and an equal amount of time learning the safe use of tree removal tools and equipment.

Eden Trees Arboriculture Services Brisbane QLD, have a wealth of experience on our team including certificate 5 Consulting arborists to certificate 3 climbing arborists, all with decades of experience in the industry. As a tree lopping company we have gone from strength to strength, and have been able to stand the test of time. We believe our success has been due to our impeccable safety standards coupled with a truely value for money and customer orientated service.

As a time tested company we have been able to acquire all the tools and equipment to handle tree services of any scale and nature. This includes small scale tree trimming and brush pruning tasks right up to large scale land clearing operations for roads or developments. We work with everybody right the way through from residential home owners, strata managers, commercial business’s, Schools, golf courses, Local governments and councils, department of transport and main roads and even other tree removal contractors in times of need. If you have any type of tree maintenance required then we are surely thew right fit for you.

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Free Storm Safety Check Tree Assessment

Wondering how safe your trees will be in the next storm?

This is one of the most common concerns we deal with around storm season, with home and property owners wanting to do everything they can to reduce the risk of serious damage or injury.

This year, professional level 5 arborist Phil Hackett will be providing FREE TREE ASSESSMENT to any Logan residents, business owners or property owners that have concerns about vegetation.

Simply leave your name, email and phone in the form and we will call to book a time ASAP.


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Stump Grinding Calculator

Read This Before Using the Calculator:

We have designed and refined this Stump Grinding Price Calculator to be as accurate as we possibly can and prove our commitment to fair and consistent quoting.

Using the stump grinding Calculator is simple. You only need to measure the diameter of the stump in centimeters and add it to the field provided. Add your email and we will send you an accurate quote in just seconds.

We have also provided the option on the results page to forward the quoted price and a few extra details to us for an expedited confirmatory quote. If you choose to forward your details to us on the results page, we will usually be able to have an accurate quote back to you within a couple of hours.

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Tree Removal Calculator

Read This Before Using the Calculator:

We have designed and refined this Tree Removal Price Calculator to be as accurate as we possibly can and prove our commitment to fair and consistent quoting. In saying this, we have noticed generally that the larger the job, the more intricacies and variables arise that are difficult to program into the calculator. Be aware that these are our best online estimates only, but we have made it simple to forward the results and your details onto us for a confirmatory quote.
If you choose to forward your details to us on the results page, we will usually be able to have an accurate quote back to you within a couple of hours.

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Browns Plains Tree Removal Experts

Need a Tree Removed in Browns Plains?

Fast response times, great prices and customer service that goes above and beyond are the core values that have built Eden Trees Arboriculture services into the trusted tree service that it is today. Our attention to detail in everything we do has been recognised well enough that we were both nominated and won the Protrade service award for 2019. A very proud acheivement for the company and the team. If you are after no fuss tree removal and maintenance service, Eden Trees are the obvious choice. Get a quote and see why people are choosing us over our competitors.

Call us on 1300 EDEN TREES or drop us an email at

Eden Tree Removal Browns Plains

Look out for Eden Trees all around Logan!

tree service in browns plains QLD

A family owned and operated tree removal service

Professional Tree Removal in Browns Plains QLD

We all like to find the closest services near us. So, when looking for a tree removal company near you, look no further than Eden Trees. We are a reliable and professional tree lopping company based in Browns Plains.

 With over 35 years’ experience, we have offered our comprehensive services to happy clients throughout south east queensland. Any resident of Browns Plains can easily reach us and we will be right there to offer you whatever tree planting, tree pruning or tree trimming services you may require. We have the right team, equipment and our reputation for doing great work precedes us. We have a great team of professional arborists and tree cutters who are at your beck and call to provide their expertise. We ensure we get rid of old, dead trees and tree stumps in an effective and safe manner while cleaning up behind us.

 You can be sure to expect the highest level of professionalism and excellence when you choose us as your tree service company.

Here is our list of services we offer:

  • Tree removal
  • Tree surgery
  • Tree pruning
  • Stump grinding or removal
  • Arborist reports

We offer our services at an affordable and reasonable cost, don’t hesitate to call us on 0422 927 381 and we will answer any queries you have. Share your location and we will let our inspectors know to reach you at a time of your convenience.

Reasons to choose Eden Trees

  • We are a government certified and licensed company
  • We have a team of professional tree cutters, fellers and arborists who have years of experience under their belt to ensure your tree service needs are met effectively and professionally
  • We offer a wide range of tree services to residents and commercial developments as well. We work with the councils and the government to pave the way for development
  • We offer affordable and competitive pricing, giving you value for your money
  • We are keen on safety and meet safety standards. We apply these values in everything we do to prevent damage to your property
  • We work with integrity and have a high level of ethics in all we do; from how we handle our customers to our business practices. You can expect to work with a company that is consistently honest and reliable
  • We preserve the environment and we ensure that we follow all environmental laws and follow safe practices to safeguard our priceless eco system
  • We are fully insured and have public liability insurance
  • We are a one stop shop when it comes to tree surgery, tree removal, pruning, trimming, tree and stump grinding, tree cutting and so much more. Whatever service you require, we definitely provide it so don’t hesitate to reach us with all your tree-service related needs. Reach us for your arborist reports too.
  • After the job is done, we don’t leave a mess. We clean up after ourselves and leave your property looking neat and tidy

The team at Eden Trees pride ourselves in offering quality tree services while adding a personal touch. When you contact us, we seek to understand the nature of the task ahead. Our team of inspectors will visit your property at no extra cost and come to assess the work to help us understand the nature of the matter and know how best to tackle the task.

When you need emergency tree removal services, we act quickly and our emergency crew will visit any time of the day or night. We work with the right equipment, ensuring our crew is safe and we remove trees and stumps efficiently, quickly and safely.

So, give us a call now on 0422 927 381 or fill the online form and we will get back to you within the hour. We look forward to working with you in making your garden and property wonderful.

Drop us a quick email on and we will gladly get back to you.

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Eden Trees Arboriculture Services
1322-1334 Chambers Flat Rd, Chambers Flat QLD 4133
07 5547 0934

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